Saturday, February 4, 2012

Halfway There!

I realized after our return from Christmas travels and getting started back into our schooling that we've officially reached our half-way mark with 85 days of school completed! What an adventure those days were, and I can say with assurance that the remaining 85 days will also be a journey : )  

Here is a little sampling of what we've been doing these past two weeks at GPE, starting with E. 

Writing is becoming a favorite activity for E! She's writing her own sentences and really doesn't like it when I try to "help" her with my sentence starters! ; )  

 She started the 2nd book in her Singapore Math Kindergarten curriculum and is starting to figure out how sets of 10 are represented as a "tens" value. 

H is for horse! This is E's horse shape made from molding clay.

She's a reading fool ... I LOVE listening to her read!

And speaking of reading fools ... this picture makes me smile. HUGE smile!

Abbie has been reading up on the Statue of Liberty this month. We've read several books, a Kids Discover magazine on Lady Liberty, and viewed some internet sites as we've all been learning more about this lady along with A! 

She and Daddy fired up Mommy's old Dell laptop and she created the coolest Powerpoint presentation on a few of the things she learned about Lady Liberty. If you'd like to see it, let us know! I'm sure she'd love to email it to you and tell you all about it. :)

A's thinking about measurements this month - the metric system and the US system. Here she had to collect a few household items (can of soup, tennis ball, apple, book) to weigh them on her scale. Fun stuff!

Who says homeschoolers don't have recess!? Notice - NO SNOW in January!!!

B stays busy at Playschool :)

 Ben's new train from Grandma Dee. LOVES it!

Mommy's little helper : ) 

He loves wipes and is here cleaning off his farm.

I love this little man!

Daddy helped this week by rearranging some things, hanging some hooks on walls, and creating more space for us at GPE! What a life-saver ... 

In other events, this is Ellie with her Daisy Girl Scout group! She loves being in Daisies! 

 Here is Abbie's Brownie troop! She's earned a number of badges already and loves being part of this group! Many of her friends from Beultah Elementary are in this group, along with her "bestie" who lives across the street. If you want some Girl Scout cookies later this month, you know who to call!

So there you have it! January is officially complete! 

Coming up in February ...  
  • We'll host a Valentine's Day party
  • Pioneers moving west!
  • P is for Penguin!
  • Start learning about multiplication (A)
  • Begin cursive handwriting (A)
  • A special student at GPE turns 8!
Much love,
The Utechts

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  1. Happy early Birthday to Abbie!! It sounds like you all are busy!!