Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Fun!

The first two weeks of this month have been BuSy! But fun has been had by all. Here's a little of what we've enjoyed together ... 

  • Abbie's 8th cowgirl birthday party! Yee-haw! 

  • A Valentine's Day party with some of their homeschool and neighbor friends! We made a craft, had a snack, played a game, talked about God's love, and exchanged Valentines with one another. So much fun! : ) 
Making their Valentines. 

Exchanging Valentines at their party :)
  • P is for Penguin! Ellie's science curriculum had us investigating penguins this week. We learned some interesting facts about these funny little creatures. Did you know the father penguin protects the mother's eggs by holding them on their feet for up to two months?! Such a good daddy penguin : )   We made a penguin craft, painted a picture of one, read several books, viewed some online, and ended the unit watching "Happy Feet". 

 Me: Where do penguins live, Ben? 
Ben: Right dere!

 Reading about the antarctic, where penguins live. 

 We made icebergs and put them in a bowl of water to envision what an iceberg looks like under water! Cool stuff...

  • Ellie continues to work on the concept of tens and ones, and this week started adding with numbers between 0-10. 

  • Abbie's science focus this week was on growing seeds. The experiment asked us to watch 10 popcorn seeds for 5 days - some with water, some without. 

  • Abbie started practicing cursive handwriting this month! She loves it ... why? Because it's FANCY.  : )
  • Abbie also finished a book report on Eli Whitney, the great inventor in the late 1700's who invented the cotton gin. 
  • We're learned more about the "Star Spangled Banner"; how Francis Scott Key watching the war of 1812 with England inspired his lyrics, how Betsy Ross was asked by George Washington to design and make the first "Stars and Stripes". Interesting stuff! 
  • Abbie started multiplication facts this week, which she's enjoying. We also got a new CD called "Number Bonds" which allows her an engaging way to keep practicing math facts through the concept of number bonding. It's a fun game, if I say so myself! 

  • Abbie got some GREAT feedback from two very loved readers of her Lady Liberty project! She had so much fun reading those comments, so a huge thanks for your involvement! Here is a picture of Abbie learning how to compose an email and attaching her document. 

  • As usual, PlaySchool continues for Ben!

  • We have some very special guests with us this weekend for Ben's dedication at church: Grandpa Sam, Grandma Lori, and two sweet cousins! We get to share with them all that we're doing here at GPE, which is always fun for us. 

Looking ahead ... 
  • Z is for Zebra! 
  • Lewis & Clark - we're SO excited about this! 
  • Celebrate our 100th day of school! 
  • Pioneers still heading west
  • A very special Grandma has a birthday this week :)
Much love to you all ... 
The Utechts

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