Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall News from GPE

Twelve weeks into our second year of homeschooling, and I can honestly attest to the following:

  • Nobody is (yet) in therapy. 
  • The house is significantly messier on a daily basis than it ever has been in my entire married life. 
  • We're all learning so much about the world and everything in it!
  • We've had to exercise the words "I'm sorry" many, many times to one another.
  • We sometimes eat popcorn for supper. And then string cheese. And then an apple. And then...well, you get the idea. All because Mom didn't have a meal planned.
  • I once was prompt, and now I'm a mother of three.
  • We love to break out in full-blown giggles at least once daily just because we can.
  • The Mister of the household is certifiably the most sane grown-up on the premises.
  • The teacher of GPE has revised "the schedule" at least 8 times in 12 weeks. Because I can. :)
  • I rarely run errands before 3pm with the kids because I still don't like getting those "why aren't your kids in school?" looks from people.

This year has been a totally different experience for us all. We're "getting used to" homeschooling after spending the entire first year trying to figure out what works best for all three of the kids (and me!), on top of working it in with the rest of life's demands. Ben is also adjusting better and knows that we "do school" together. (More on him in a different, most entertaining post!)

So with all that said, a HUGE thank you for "you all's" encouragement, support, prayer, and kind words as we continue on in this fun learning journey! Here's a photo gallery of some of our fall focus and doings at GPE:  

First day of school: 
Ben especially liked that he got a pencil box and balloon too!

A few of their favorite subjects: 

Family Fitness 


Spanish (Rosetta Stone)

Playtime at the Park :)

We chose to do a geography study this year instead of history, so we're looking at a different country each week (using Expedition Earth by Erica at Confessions of a Homeschooler). We've really enjoyed these lessons and it's amazing the stuff we're learning about other cultures, people, religions, customs, food, and a little of their history. 

Day 1 of our weekly country study includes finding it on the map ... 

and stamping our entry into the country in our "passports".

We also loooooove doing the art projects related to each country! Here we started by learning about maps. So we made a paper mache globe ...

and put a big red N on it for Husker Nation!

We also love our field trips and outings:

A morning at Riverside Park to do a nature scavenger hunt. 
Good thing we had the Richter family with us since Noah is the "bug killer"! 

A day at the Bismarck Papa's Pumpkin Patch with the Richters!

Have I mentioned lately what a true blessing it is to have a homeschool family right next door!? And for their kids to be so close to our kids' ages!? Ellie has found her true BFF, Ben is becoming friends with Noah, while Abbie just likes to oversee the "littles"! I love being able to call or text Kristin and ask for help, advise, or just a listening ear. LOVE having them as neighbors and friends!

The Core Subjects:

Ellie writing Grandma a letter after using the color-coded strips to organize her ideas. 

Princess Ellie doing math. Wearing a tiara helps the math make more sense! 
(Why didn't I think of that in high school math?!)

Working with number bonds.

We LOVE our Classical Composers study! So far we've studied the orchestra, practiced the role of a conductor (that was a fun lesson!), learned the different types of instruments and their sounds, and just finished a unit on Johann Sebastian Bach (who Ellie confused with Gwen Sebastian, a local singer here in ND). LOL!

The lapbook we're making for Classical Composers.

Ellie the Conductor

We were able to take a week of vacation in October, and went to Lincoln to see a very special couple get married and spend time with family.

Went to the Roca Berry Pumpkin Patch with Grandma R!

Took a trip to the Children's Museum.

At the museum with Grandma Dee :)

We also got to see our cousin Zach marry his sweet Tara. 
Such a beautiful couple (and wedding)!

And of course the reception party was a huge hit for the kids!

And how on earth do you visit Lincoln and not cheer on the Huskers!? The only game we could get to was the Lady Huskers - which was no small feat to get tickets, either!

And perhaps the biggest blessing of all this fall was when our Abbie asked to be baptized as a public expression of her faith in Jesus Christ. Inexpressible joy from this Mama's heart!

Next post topics:
*Toddler Days with Ben! 
*Extra-curricular Activities

Thanks for catching up with us! We'd love to hear back from you! 

Blessings & loves,