Friday, December 2, 2011

Five on Friday

Did you know ...

  • Insects such as ladybugs, mosquitos and bees all have 6 legs? 
  • There are over 4,500 different types of ladybugs living in the United States? 
  • The Baltimore oriole is the state bird to Maryland and they love eating oranges?
  • Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings (two/to/too, through/threw, led/lead, new/knew, council/counsel)? 
  • The -ar combination says "r"?
  • The cornsnake eats up to 8 mice in one meal? Want to get rid of those pesky mice? Go get a cornsnake and let him loose in your yard!
  • Christmas books are our absolute favorite things to read right now? 
We love learning new stuff! 

Ok ... and here are our five snapshots on Friday (or six or seven ...  : ) for the week ~ 

E had fun inventing her own patterns this week. 

We talked about insects this week and learned that they're actually useful and not completely annoying! 

E loves to change the calendar and is learning to count to 30 through this activity. We also keep track of all the birthdays to celebrate each month! Those we could think of first: Jackie on the 5th, Uncle Matt on the 6th, Grandma Dee on the 24th, Auntie Lindee on the 24th, and E on the 30th!  Let us know if you have a birthday in December ... we'd love to celebrate you too :)

B getting his craft on! 

The girls had a "substitute teacher" on Friday while Mommy got some much-needed away time with a friend. They were SO excited to demonstrate to Daddy all they can do :) 

E showing Daddy how she does her reading lesson each day.

B loves his new chair! I found this and the green one E was sitting in (above) at a thrift shop nearby! Such a deal and fun to sit in! 

It's a great day for outside fun with the parachute! Our weather here has been unbelievably mild with our first snowfall occurring on Nov. 30th. I'll take it :)

We also started our Christmas Countdown fun activities and the Jesse Tree Advent devotions (see previous post for links to these resources), which we're all excited about. Our prayer for you and your own is that you'll take time this season to quiet yourselves and focus on the amazing gift God has given us in Jesus. 


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